1997 ­- 1999

The Rape of Innocence (Sponsored by UNICEF, Kolkata)

A situational analysis of the children of women in prostitution and children in prostitution (those below 18 years) and a rapid assessment of existing intervention programmes street children undertaken by government and non-government organisations. An analysis of the personal and family background of the street children and understanding of their lifestyle and their indulgences

(We shall be happy to share our reports, which have been published on request)


A study carried out of the sexually abused girl children in Kolkata and its suburbs revealed that many girls who are sexually exploited when they come in search of employment finally end up in the red light areas. It was this study, which influenced SANLAAP to a great extent to work on the issues of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

December 2000

Is Prostitution a Problem or Crime?  Society’s attitude towards Prostitution

A study aimed to understand the society’s attitude towards prostitution, women in prostitution and their children. An analysis of the opinions on legalisation of prostitution and on the changes in existing laws related to prostitution.

January 2001

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

A study aimed at understanding the extent of implementation of the Supreme Court’s Judgement on Sexual Harassment at Workplace in Government offices and the attitude of the government personnel and the views of the society at large towards the judgement.

January 2002

A Rural Study on Empowerment of Women & Trafficking in Women & Children

This study was carried out to understand the magnitude of empowerment through the reservation of seats in Panchayati  Raj and the socio-economic situation of women in West Bengal.

April 2002

Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Children & Tourism in Digha and Diamond Harbour

(SANLAAP Conducted the study in West Bengal as a part of the National Study done by EQUATION). This study was carried out to find out the processes in which prostitution is carried out at Digha & Diamond Harbour, examine the role-played by the various people involved in supporting theses processes, the facilitating factors and to gain insights into the links between the hospitality industry and the red-light areas.

May 2002

A Situational Analysis of Trafficking & Prostitution in Dinbazar (Jalpaiguri) & Changrabandha (Cooch Behar)

Supported by Gana Unnayan Parshad & Human Development Centre. A situational analysis of the red light areas of Dinbazar and Changrabandha ­ the study aimed to arrive at the future strategies required for the empowerment of women in prostitution and their children, for combating of trafficking in girls and women in prostitution in these areas and second generation prostitution.

December 2002

Reaching for Half the Sky ­ A study on Kolkata

The study was to understand the nature of torture inflicted on women at their marital homes, to identify the drawbacks of 498A, 304B & 306 of I.P.C and to know the role of Law Enforcement Agencies, judiciary and non-government organizations in the efficacy of 498A, 304B and 306 of I.P.C

September 2003

Situational Analysis of Child Sex Tourism in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (Guided & Funded by ECPAT)

This study was conducted to explore and gain insights into the nature, scope and manifestations of child sex tourism in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, the key actors involved in perpetuating this malice and to understand the interplay within and outside the tourism industry which facilitates this situation.

December 2003

Reaching For Half the Sky – A study on South 24 Parganas

This study is a replica of ‘Reaching For Half the Sky” ­ Kolkata.

2004 ­05 (research in progress)

Tracking our Children

A Cross Border Research is being carried out to identify and analyse the cause, the mechanism, the routes and the modes of Migration and Trafficking, to assess the magnitude of exploitation faced by women and children en-route from the source to the destination and to analyse the method of rescue, repatriation, reintegration and restoration adopted by agencies (West Bengal and Bangladesh) and identify the problems and loopholes.

June 2004

In Disguise

This was a study carried out in 5 blocks of Murshidabad district to understand the magnitude, mode and nature, scope and manifestation of migration, to identify the profile of the people who are migrating and to know the possibilities of migration resulting in trafficking.

June 2004

Tracking our Children

A Situational analysis was carried out in nine districts of West Bengal to understand the patterns of migration, the possibility of migration leading to trafficking, the push factors for trafficking and to develop action strategies (preventive and curative approach) with regards to combating trafficking in women and children, primarily for commercial sexual exploitation and also other purposes of exploitation.

October 2004

Section 498A of IPC: Used or Misused? (Guided and Funded by Centre For Social Research, New Delhi)

The study was an indepth analysis on the usage of section 498A of the Indian Penal Code in Kolkata and 24 Parganas (South).