Sanlaap’s documentation unit is well equipped as a Resource Material Centre ­ a treasure house of documents related to Women’s and Children’s Rights. We have three periodical publications:

  • Newspaper Clippings compilation
  • Sayak Barta
  • Sabujpata (Lit.Green Leaf)

Newspaper Clippings compilation:

Eight English dailies and five Bengali dailies are scanned everyday for relevant news, which are then compiled together as ‘News of the Month’ (English) and ‘E Maser Sambad’(Bengali). These publications contain selected reports, features and relevant data on issues of Human Trafficking, Prostitution, Violence against Women and Children, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Violation, National and International events and significant sectoral initiatives and strategies.


This is Sanlaap’s Newsletter in English. Over the years, this newsletter has provided information in detail on specific issues related to trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. The focus at the current stage is to make youth and youth related issues the central theme of this Newsletter.

Sayak Barta:

Sanlaap’s Bengali Newsletter ­ this newsletter is distributed across West Bengal amongst panchayat members, government officials, Community based organisations, community leaders through Sanlaap’s network partners.

Sanlaap’s Documentation unit also has a good library which has books, journals, periodicals, newsletters, study reports, declarations, convention reports on various issues falling under the broad scope of Women’s and Children’s Rights.

Sabujpata (Lit.Green Leaf)

Sabujpata, is a Youth Page of SANLAAP. The youth members of SANLAAP are contributing to it with articles, reports of youth activities, different issues that the young people are facing today and other various ways.