Sanlaap is one of the foremost organizations fighting against human trafficking all across South Asia,
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Our work in the Red Light areas of Kolkata, the Districts of West Bengal and a few States across the country define our prevention strategy. We work with different stakeholders including children, youth members, community, local and district administration, State and National Administration, Government Officials, Police, Border Security Force and SeemaSurakshaBal among others. Our primary workwith these stakeholders under Preventioncomprises of SANLAAP sensitising them about Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children along with Online Sexual Abuse and Cyber Crime.


Apart from identifying specific areas and locations that are vulnerable zones for trafficking, SANLAAP partnered with like-minded community based organisations in running counter trafficking initiatives through a district based prevention and protection programme.


A community-based Prevention and Protection Program has also been developed to address the concerns raised by women in prostitution regarding the well-being and future of their children. The appalling conditions faced by these children on a daily basis resulted in them being vulnerable to physical, sexual and domestic abuse. Girls are susceptible to being absorbed into second-generation prostitution while young boys are exposed to substance abuse and at risk of becoming pimps and touts as adults. SANLAAP’s community-based Protection and Protection program began with the need for a safe space for children from red light areas and has gradually developed into a holistic program which mobilises community support through the Drop-in-Centre (DIC) model. It provided the following services-

    • SOPAN (Education Assistance
    • The Integrated Child Development Programme (ICDS)
    • Support Group Programme for Women in Prostitution (WIP Programme)
    • Youth Programme
    • Advocacy Programme
    • Economic Empowerment


SANLAAP has undertaken a pilot program to address the growing needs of adolescents through flagship schemes of various departments in Ward 26 of Kolkata Municipality. This programme was implemented in partnership with CRY (Child Rights and You) and UNICEF, Kolkata along with the support of the State Government. The larger vision is to create Child Friendly City through the participation of Government and Civil Society organisations.



This programme aims to protect the rights of adolescents by protecting them from violence, abuse and exploitation; ensure support services on reproductive and sexual health; addressing hygiene and sanitation related issues; and addressing education and skill development needs.