Sanlaap is one of the foremost organizations fighting against human trafficking all across South Asia,
NGO, Human Trafficking, South Asia,
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This programme actually starts from the time of rescue of a survivor and ends after her reintegration. There are several programme components under this larger programme umbrella which aims to support the survivors in coming out of these exploitative situations and reintegrating back into their community with dignity and the skills to sustain their lives independently.


Protection: We provide Protection to the survivors of trafficking and other abuses against children. We run a Shelter Home named Sneha where the survivors are provided with care and protection till they are restored/ repatriated to their home.

Rehabilitation: SANLAAP provides shelter to the survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation. During their stay till the legal procedure clears out, we engage the girls in various finance generating activities, trainings and workshops. We also provide counselling keeping in mind the traumatic conditions in which the girls come to us.

Reintegration: This is a process which begins as soon as the girl embarks on the path towards rehabilitation. We are conducting a study to identify the indicators that define Reintegration. However, we believe that a number of girlswho were once a part of our shelter homeare now successfully reintegrated. They now lead a normal life without stigma and discrimination.


SANLAAP incorporates a complete psychosocial rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration process within its institutional care and protection mechanism. The programmes that are being implemented in SNEHA are, thus, multifaceted, and encompass the following:

      1. Health Assistance (Physical and mental health)
      1. Case management
      1. Education
      1. Livelihood Option Development and Trainings
      1. On Job Training and Job Placement