Sanlaap is one of the foremost organizations fighting against human trafficking all across South Asia,
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Prosecution is one of the essential aspects of the struggle to uproot human trafficking. Without a sharp axis of prosecution alongside the required resources, it is not possible to dismantle the system which helps perpetuate this cycle of endless abuse and injustice. Prosecution has to extend not only to the direct perpetrators but also those individuals who are complicit in the process.


‘School for Justice’ is a program initiated by SANLAAP which aims to empower survivors to fight for the legal justice of other survivors. Under this program, SANLAAP runs a hostel for survivors who are studying law from various reputed institutions. The organisation supports their law education through this residential programme. The program staff provide coaching, guidance and counselling support to the girls and do regular follow ups with the institutions.


School for Justice started on 22nd February 2017 with only 3 girls. In our society, people still disown their daughters, sisters and wives when they have been sexually exploited as they believe that raped women bring shame to the ‘family honour’. Many people even disown their girls after being rescued from forced prostitution or sexual slavery. In this context, SANLAAP participated in continuous discussions that led to an unprecedented new path. Through extensive planning and discussions, and in consideration of the strong aspirations of survivors, it was decided that the girls were to be groomed and a few survivors will be trained from the high school level to prepare them to become successful lawyers. SANLAAP would like to be a part of their “Pain to Power” journey by helping them become activist lawyers to raise their voices, using their own anguished experiences, to bring a positive change in the system of Justice.


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